A brochure created for the purpose of highlighting Hayao Miyazaki’s works in film to those who may not be familiar work. Each spread pieced together different films he directed in the same era.


For the cover I originally wanted to do an illustration where Miyazaki standing in the center and all his creations were standing next to him. While the idea sounded good conceptually I quickly found I would have to make all the characters very small and be left with a lot of negative space on the top & bottom. The composition was very busy & Miyazaki got lost with his characters so I tried something more simple with his face being the focal point.


Initially I wanted to divide the brochure by his most revered pieces. Each having it's own section. I quickly found that this approach would ultimately alienate his beautiful works & disrupt any chance having a visual balance & flow, So I strived to create piece that captured the essence of Miyazaki's work as a whole.